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Mad Men - Coppertone 8951

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Louis de Poortere Mad Men -  Coppertone 8951

Mad Men Jacob's Ladder Collection

Madison Avenue runs between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Since the Twenties, it has been the centre of the American advertising industry. The Madison Men Were the golden boys of the Sixties, who "dreamed up" the images of the iconic brands of the USA.
Inspired by this theme, De Poortere has created a new collection of "Vintage Sixties" rugs. A mix of straight and broken lines, of a dull and shining yarns, of smooth and ragged pencil strokes.
Jacob's Ladder stands for the uneasy but exhilarating climb on the social ladder. It is the way he advertising industry pictures society. More, better, higher, richer... But the climb can be tricky even if the rugs are glittering 


Available Sizes:

140 cm x 200 cm
170 cm x 240 cm
200 cm x 280 cm
230 cm x 330 cm

Care Instructions:
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.