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About Us

Furniture and upholstery has been something we’re passionate about here at decur, and we have been for 150 years. In those years, we’ve racked up a great deal of experience and knowledge, and we’ve put it to great use; we hope you’ll agree. Building furniture is easy. Building beautiful furniture, which will last for decades to come, requires an expert hand with a brilliant eye for detail. That’s where we come in.

Traditional techniques are used to create our outstanding quality furniture; techniques that are disappearing fast, in favour of cheaper, more modern methods. Using traditional techniques ensures that all of the furniture we create stands the test of time. That’s great news for your pocket, as well as the environment. In fact, we’re so confident in our furniture that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our frames. 

It may surprise you that our furniture is hand-made; from the frame that holds it together, to the quality finish that decorates your space exactly the way you dream it to – in your own, impeccable style. To us, excellence is synonymous with quality and it’s our mission to provide the very best, unrivalled quality furniture.

We realise that everybody is unique and requires something a little different for their space, whether it’s for the home or workplace setting. Because we appreciate your uniqueness, if you see a piece of furniture you love but it’s in the wrong colour, size, fabric, etc., just let us know. Our expert upholsterers can create your bespoke piece of furniture, just the way you’d like it.

Allow decur to extend your freedom of expression like never before.

In short, why us?

  • 150 years of expert experience
  • Outstanding quality furniture
  • Bespoke designs to suite your tastes and desires
  • Lifetime frame guarantee
  • Friendly customer service
  • Iconic styles and designs
  • A worldwide base of existing happy customers

Freidrich Decur