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Harrods Chandelier - For A Grand Staircase, Foyer, Landing, Lobby or Stairwell - 7 Meter

Original price £80,499.99 - Original price £80,499.99
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£80,499.99 - £80,499.99
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Harrod Chandelier

The Harrods Chandelier is a beautiful centerpiece for any landing, lobby, stairwell, foyer, etc. The framework is in satin and silver, other colors are available.


Diameter - 2.4 Metre APPROX, Height - 7 metres APPROX , Bulbs -95

The light fitting is dressed with superior quality 30% full lead octagon shaped crystals. These crystals have sharper edges and smoother facets which are hand polished allowing for maximum penetration of light, resulting in an array of full color spectrums; and optimal light dispersions making a brilliant reflective angles of colour.

We can make this crystal light to any height and any diameter.

Due to chandelier being a custom design, the manufacturing process can take up to 8 – 12 weeks.

Some pictures are shown for illustrative purposes.